No Relocation Necessary

We are heading to Baton Rouge in just six weeks (eek!) to start a CHURCH! We will go from a city with 10 restaurants to a city with 100. We will go from being able to cross town in 15 minutes to being able to get lost in just 5 minutes. We will go from church attenders to church leaders. We will go from being Bears to being Tigers.

We are excited for what our new life will hold but we don’t want to go alone! So, between now and then, we will be pulling together a team of people to “go with us.” Don’t worry, no relocation necessary.

Our first stop was Blake’s hometown and we are still in awe of what an amazing time we had. We spent the week meeting with people, catching up and talking to them about what we’ll be doing in Baton Rouge. We left feeling beyond loved and encouraged and we are now counting the days until we get to come back to Louisiana for good. We are so thankful for the kindness and graciousness of our friends and family there. You are our dream team! If you’d like to see our presentation again, we finally learned how to insert it below.

If you live in Dallas, we’ll be headed your way next so don’t peek! If you’d like to meet with us, let us know on the “Join Our Team” page. We can’t wait to see you!

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