WIFE 101

I’m glad there is no test before you can get married. I would have failed it.

  1. How often should you wash the sheets? When they smell bad.
  2. Should you correct your husband’s grammar? Of course…can “good” EVER be used as an adverb? NO!
  3. If your husband says you were being rude to him, what do you do? Defend yourself.
  4. Can you leave meat in the trashcan? Yes.

Test or no test, if you don’t know the correct answer when these situations arise, there WILL be consequences. These consequences can range from embarrassment to conflict to maggots. And on Monday night, maggots it was!

I had bought some steaks to cook with mushroom risotto I was making (+), but I didn’t know how quickly you had to eat steaks. When I pulled the them out 5-6 days later, they were gray and smelled a bit weird (-). Of course, Blake refused to eat them so I, of course, just threw them in the trashcan (-).  We went out of town (-). Ten days later, the house was smelling weird and so Blake went to take the trash out.

That many (-) and so few (+) can only mean one thing…maggots. And gagging. And more maggots. And more gagging.

Blake kept telling me to squish them while he took the trash bag out but I had my shirt over my nose and was screaming so I couldn’t really hear or help. Despite the chaos and disease filling our kitchen, I could still pick up on the fact that Blake was not happy with me. I tried to sound as pitiful as possible as I apologized, hoping he’d feel like my rescuer instead of the man married to a woman who knows very little about food handling.

After about 30 minutes of maggot smashing, nose holding and bleach, he finally cracked a smile. We both started laughing. He knows I have no idea how to be a wife!

The day after this nice evening at home, our two teammates, Matthew and Jillian, were prayed for and sent out by the staff at our church. They are the first of our team to head out and will leave for Baton Rouge in just one week.

As they were talking about their move, Jillian shared the quote: “God does not call the qualified, but He qualifies the called.” This is based off of Romans 8:30 and was so appropriate for both the night before and the task ahead.

None of us really know what it takes to start a church that transforms a city. Even with all of our training, we’ve still never done it before. We’re all in our 20s! But God is not looking for perfect people, just like Blake isn’t looking for the perfect wife.

God calls us despite our imperfections. He actually doesn’t want us to be perfect. Instead, He wants us to depend on Him because in our weakness, His power will be made perfect and He will be glorified. He becomes our qualification.

And that is our prayer for Baton Rouge. That we would embrace weakness and imperfection and even maggots. That we wouldn’t try to qualify ourselves or depend on our own strength. But instead, that we would know it is God who has called us, God who has qualified us, and God who is worthy to be glorified.

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The New Neighbors

You’re 20-years old. One year closer to the legal drinking age and one year further from the memories of living with your parents. Finally, no curfew, no chores. Instead, just “COLLEGE…NO PARENTS!”

You and your friends rented the perfect house in the middle of a million other college students. You imagine the great parties on Friday nights and that supermodels are moving in next door. 2012-2013 is going to be a year to remember. And it will be. But not for the reasons you may suspect. Your new neighbors aren’t supermodels. They’re pastors.

In July, this scenario may become a reality for many on Sharlo Avenue, future residence of Blake and Lena Satterlee. That’s right. We have ditched the nice neighborhoods and historic districts and have signed a lease smack-dab in the middle of student housing. These words from our landlord sum up the area nicely, “It’s quiet right now, but just wait until Friday night. This place get’s crazy.”

Music to our ears. We love the opportunity to get into people’s worlds, learn their stories, tell them ours. Whether that’s in our living room or in their backyard at 2 am on Friday night. That’s what we hope makes 2012-2013 a year to remember for our neighbors. That their dread when hearing pastors moved in down the street would be replaced with the joy of knowing God loves them, wants to know them and wants them to know Him. So much so that He’d send two people on a house hunt all over Baton Rouge and have them end up smack-dab in the middle of their world.

And little do they know, we happen to be supermodels, too.