I often refer to blake as a man among men. And it’s not just his muscles that make him manly. He is a humble leader, full of courage and compassion. He takes responsibility for those around him and never makes excuses. He has high character and fights to live honorably. Unfortunately, he also farts a lot. I wish he was a little less manly in that regard. Nonetheless, he is my dream-come-true and I never get tired of being around him. You wouldn’t either.


I would wait for Blake to write something on here about how kind, loving and tender-hearted I am, about how I love to serve him and make life special. He’d probably talk about how beautiful he thinks I am and how glad he is to have married me, but since he probably won’t ever get on here, I guess I’ll just tell you I’m 5’6” and have green eyes. I don’t really feel comfortable going on and on about myself.


We got married August 13, 2011 and want to be newlyweds for as long as possible! We think marriage is challenging but we think it’s the best invention in the world. We have so much fun together and still can’t believe we get to live together! Plus, marriage is making us more like Jesus and that is what we long for. Our lives have been changed by God so now we want to live our lives wholeheartedly for Him! Isaiah 26:8 says, “Your name and your renown are the desire of our hearts.” It is that desire that makes us want to spend our lives doing ministry. First stop, Baton Rouge! We want God to be made known for who He really is! Father. Friend. Redeemer. King.

Thanks for visiting our blog. Hope you enjoy an inside look at our little life of loving God, loving each other and trying to be funny!



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