A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Every time we sit down to write a blog post, we hope to somehow paint a picture for you of what life is like in Baton Rouge and all that God is doing. We wish you could see our pastor’s house on Sunday, full of people who are bringing their friends and their friends’ friends. We wish you could see people sitting across from us at lunch, so thankful that someone is interested in knowing them. We wish you could see the way people are experiencing God like never before. It is too much fun!

But since you can’t really SEE all these things, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite quotes from people who have become a part of our church. We hope they encourage you and give you a closer look into what God is doing here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“After Sunday, I look forward to lifegroup on Tuesday. And after lifegroup on Tuesday, I look forward to church on Sunday.”

“I don’t want to party anymore. I just want to be a man of God like you.”

“What I love most about Antioch is that everyone knows my name.”

“This isn’t church; this is a house party!”

“When I came, I felt like everyone wanted to be my best friend. No wait…no one had even talked to me yet. I just wanted to be their best friend.”

“I love Antioch and I love bringing friends. But what I love most is when my friends love it, too!”

“Everyone keeps talking about Antioch and they all keep saying, ‘Wow, those people at Antioch just really love Jesus.”

“I don’t really know much about following God. I don’t know any of the Bible stories. But what I do know is that God found me once and now that you guys are here, I feel like God has found me again.”


3 thoughts on “A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

  1. I love hearing about the ministry of Antioch BR, how effective it is, how God has equipped and blessed all of you. And how much FUN you are all having doing Church. It blesses your momma’s heart. And makes missing you worth it. I am so proud of you and Blake and love you both very much.

  2. So very cool!! I know that thirsty, hurting people are finding refreshment and LIFE as their lives intersect with you guys!! Mr. Bart and I will pop in and surprise you one Sunday!! ;-)

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