No News

We always start to feel bad if we haven’t blogged for a while. We imagine you with our blog pulled up and hitting refresh over and over again. And although that is probably not the case, we want to apologize nonetheless for leaving you in the dark for a month! We have been running full-speed ahead since we officially began the church on August 1st and so we wanted to pause and fill you in on what our day-to-day life looks like here. And as you’ll be able to see, it isn’t lack of material that has kept us from updating. It’s the opposite.


We meet as a team for two hours, three times a week. We spend this time praying and planning for what we are doing during the week.

Like every other church, Sunday is a big work day for us. We host a Sunday evening service and also serve a meal afterwards. The girls have fun cooking all afternoon while the boys transform our Pastor’s house into a “church auditorium.” We have had about 20-30 different people each week and these gatherings have continued to be a great time of fellowship where people are being knit into a church community.

Lena is on the Communications Team so she has worked a lot on getting our church’s website up and running (coming soon!) and is now in charge of our church’s Twitter account–a bigger job than she realized.

We will also begin hosting a tailgate as a church on LSU Game Days and we have been scheming for how to make our tailgate the place to be–also a bigger job than we realized. Try competing with people who have chandeliers and big screen TVs!


We are both still working at The Chimes and are determined to whittle our way into people’s lives there. Lena works for 15-20 hours a week as a hostess and Blake works 20-25 hours a week as a bus boy. We have had some meaningful conversations with our co-workers and have had our first person express interest in visiting our church!


We LOVE doing college ministry. After just three weeks since school has started, we already have a core group of about 20 students. We have stayed up past midnight many-a-nights having long talks or watching funny YouTube videos with everyone. We’ve had prayer nights, game nights, lunch dates and workout times. (Can you guess who did which activity?) Blake was just asked to join an intramural flag football team at the UREC on campus with some friends from high school and is excited to rekindle those friendships and get to spend more time with them.

It has been so much fun to live life with the people God has brought in our path. We don’t just see them at a weekly gathering, but they really are becoming close friends. But each week, we try to find a way to meet new people as well and we’re excited to see how God extends our influence and relationships on LSU campus.

God is moving in our city and through our church! We could write pages and pages of testimonies and stories and hope to do just that in the weeks and months to come.  But in the off-chance you don’t hear from us again for a couple weeks, it isn’t because we don’t have anything to say! It’s just that we are running to keep up with what God is doing. These days, no news is good news!



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