Have Church, Will Travel

It’s hard to believe it is finally here, but move week has arrived! The next few days will be filled with boxes, goodbyes and maybe (probably) some tears. We will have a going away party on Wednesday, pack our U-Haul on Thursday and hit the road early Friday morning. We are so excited about what is to come, but we can’t believe we are leaving this place that has become home to us over the last five years.

As we’ve reminisced these past few weeks, Blake and I have been listing what we will and will not miss about Waco, Texas. Sometimes we add to the list with fly swatter in hand killing the 100th fly in our house. Sometimes we add to the list driving away from a dinner realizing we have the best friends. No matter the emotion behind the addition, the lists have only made us realize how much we love it here.

What We Will Not Miss About Waco, Texas

  • Alternating between two main dining options: Pei Wei, Chipotle
  • Sharing our home with flies
  • Requiring multiple lemons to mask the taste of the tap water
  • Washing all our dishes by hand
  • Being chased by stray dogs when out for a walk

What We Will Miss About Waco, Texas

  • Being able to drive 50+ MPH down 17th and 18th
  • Getting from one end of town to the other in 15 minutes
  • Seeing someone you know every where you go
  • Cheering on the Baylor Bears
  • Going to a passionate, life-giving church
  • Being a part of people’s families
  • Celebrating a birthday, engagement, wedding or baby every weekend
  • Living life with the most loving, gracious, fun, authentic people we’ve ever known

We live a blessed life here. And although looking at these lists could make us sad, it is actually what motivates us. We want the people of Baton Rouge to experience what we have experienced. Our lives have been changed by the way we’ve experienced God. Our lives have been changed by the people who have walked with us along the way. Our lives have been changed by sitting around dinner tables, babysitting kids, repenting to each other, laughing together, crying together. That is Church. And that is what we want to see created in Baton Rouge.

So we’ll keep answering “yes” to “Are you guys sad?” But the sadness comes with expectancy. What we have loved about this place, we know we’ll get to experience again…among a new group of people who we don’t even know yet. And for them, we pack our boxes, say our goodbyes and take Church with us.


2 thoughts on “Have Church, Will Travel

  1. A “moving” tribute to a great community. Waco will never be the same. Thank you to all of you who have loved Blake and Lena so well. You have equipped and blessed them. Baton Rouge will never be the same.

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