The New Neighbors

You’re 20-years old. One year closer to the legal drinking age and one year further from the memories of living with your parents. Finally, no curfew, no chores. Instead, just “COLLEGE…NO PARENTS!”

You and your friends rented the perfect house in the middle of a million other college students. You imagine the great parties on Friday nights and that supermodels are moving in next door. 2012-2013 is going to be a year to remember. And it will be. But not for the reasons you may suspect. Your new neighbors aren’t supermodels. They’re pastors.

In July, this scenario may become a reality for many on Sharlo Avenue, future residence of Blake and Lena Satterlee. That’s right. We have ditched the nice neighborhoods and historic districts and have signed a lease smack-dab in the middle of student housing. These words from our landlord sum up the area nicely, “It’s quiet right now, but just wait until Friday night. This place get’s crazy.”

Music to our ears. We love the opportunity to get into people’s worlds, learn their stories, tell them ours. Whether that’s in our living room or in their backyard at 2 am on Friday night. That’s what we hope makes 2012-2013 a year to remember for our neighbors. That their dread when hearing pastors moved in down the street would be replaced with the joy of knowing God loves them, wants to know them and wants them to know Him. So much so that He’d send two people on a house hunt all over Baton Rouge and have them end up smack-dab in the middle of their world.

And little do they know, we happen to be supermodels, too.



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